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Becoming a customer at the Tafel VS

Who can buy at the Tafel Shops?

All persons having their permanent residence within the boundaries of the district “Schwarzwald-Baar” can – without distinction of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc. – buy food at the Tafel Shops if they belong to one of the following groups:

  1. recipients of unemployment benefits II (“ALG II”/“Hartz IV”) or
  2. recipients of Basic Social Benefits (“Grundsicherung”) or
  3. recipients of support according to AsylBLG
  4. individuals and “benefits communities” (“Bedarfsgemeinschaft”) whose monthly income – for any reason whatsoever – does not exceed the following limits (this explicitly also applies to pensioners, persons in an apprenticeship, persons working and students):

    • Individuals: € 1.100
    • Married couples: € 1.300
    • per child: + € 250

The income limits listed under 4) do not apply to recipients of ALG II, Basic Security and support according to AsylBLG. These three groups (numbers 1) to 3)) are granted a shopping permission automatically on presentation of their respective official notices presently valid.

For a shopping permission according to 4), suitable income proofs (as for example pension notices, salary statements, child allowance notices, etc.) have to be presented.

How do I apply for a shopping permission?

Shopping permissions can be applied for during the opening hours at the office of “Mach mit” Förderverein e.V. as well as in all Tafel Shops by contacting our sales staff. Shopping permissions are usually issued within one week and can be collected at the same place where they have been applied for.

Integral part of the application process is the verification of your actual income situation. Please, do not forget to hand in the following documents together with your application:

  • ALG-II-notice or
  • Basic social benefits notice or
  • Documents relating to aids and support according to AsylBLG or
  • Suitable income notices (in case you neither receive ALG II nor Basic Security nor support according to AsylBLG)

Per household, only one shopping permission is issued. On the card, the name of the card holder as well as the number of people forming his/her benefit community is registered.

Of course, all your documents as well as all personal and financial information and data are treated with greatest care and confidentiality. None of your data and information is passed to others. They only serve the strictly internal and confidential application process.

What does a shopping permission look like?

Your shopping permission is a small card on which your name as well the number of people for whom you may do shopping at the Tafel Shops (= people living in your benefits community) are registered.

How do I use my shopping permission?

Please, do not forget to bring your shopping permission with you each time you want to buy goods in one of our Tafel Shops. At the opening of each shop, our sales personnel will verify the validity of the shopping permissions by collecting them. Shopping permissions are returned to their holders at the end of shopping.

How long is my shopping permission valid?

Generally, shopping permissions are issued for one year, i.e. they expire at the end of the calendar year. Upon their expiry, you have to renew them within two months.

Can my shopping permission be withdrawn?

In case of grave misconduct before and during shopping (as for example theft, shoplifting, disturbance, transgressive and/or aggressive behaviour towards other customers or staff), every member of the Tafel personnel is authorised to temporarily or even permanently withdraw your shopping permission and/or to ban you from further shopping at the Tafel Villingen-Schwenningen. This equally applies to cases in which goods purchased in one of our Tafel Shops or shopping permissions are (re-)sold or passed on to others. A temporary and/or permanent ban can also be imposed in case of modification or falsification of shopping permissions as well as in case of (attempts of) fraud during the application process etc.


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